Bleu kérosène
La Chaleur
Quebec City, QC
RIYL: Patrick Watson; Alexandra Streliski

Bleu kérosène’s La Chaleur reminds me of the glowing white embers of a fire that’s almost died down. The pop and jazz-inflected grooves of the three track EP smoulder, but don’t burn brightly. On “Brise-glace” and “Ta voix de saison,” the Quebec City band create dark and moody arrangements whose volume wax and wane and feel as long as winter. Sandwiched in between is the playful track “Run Forest Run.” Here, Bleu kérosène move sprightly to explore “the space between,” and its buoyancy is the highlight of the EP. Even though La Chaleur never transforms into a cracking fire, Bleu kérosène have curated a warm selection of sounds that is pleasing nevertheless. 

Laura Stanley