Dijah SB
2020 the Album
Toronto, ON
RIYL: Clairmont The Second; Harrison; Sydanie

A rapper’s ability to sound unphased by what life throws at them is a big part of what makes hip hop so appealing to listen to. Sounding confident while navigating through life’s challenges is a definite skill that many people covet, though few actually possess. 
With their debut album, Dijah SB makes aspiration art, conveying a sense of drive and determination while nimbly leaving any sense of doubt in the dust. It’s a tough balancing act, but songs like “C’est la vie” pair rubbery future funk with Dijah’s impressive technicality in a way that sounds so lithe and off the cuff that it’s impossible to not be convinced, especially when they rhyme “c’est la vie, anything you do is okay by me.” Over its eight tracks, 2020 the Album is a masterclass in lightning quick quips, strong hooks, and killer production that all contribute to a confidence that’s backed by pure talent.

Michael Rancic