Finds You Well
Ghostly International
Edmonton, AB
RIYL: Patrick Holland; D. Tiffany; LNRDCROY

Pleasantries have a double-edge of ringing hollow, and with much of the world not doing well during the pandemic, phrases like “Hope this email finds you well” ring with a serious undertone. Dylan Khotin-Foote aimed to capture this duality on Finds You Well, but I find the album thoroughly soothing.

As if by osmosis, Khotin has always floated freely between therapeutic ambience and understated but lively beats. Hitting play on Finds You Well is like choosing the deluxe spa package that comes with the best of both. It’s not pure synthesis, though; the album’s first half is like a bubble bath, but its second half enters calm waters, disturbed only by the spooky “WEM Lagoon Jump.” Voice clips appear on this track like ripples from an invisible distant source. Whether accompanied by these voices or still with my own thoughts, Finds You Well genuinely finds me well.

Leslie Ken Chu