Martyn Bootyspoon
Lickety Split
2 B Real
Montreal, QC
RIYL: being whispered to; not-so-serious techno 

Is that the ice cream truck? Shit – even better – it’s the “Ice Cream Mane” rolling through, here to “sample you some flavours/giving some taste of what you need.” Martyn Bootyspoon delivers on this promise of variety across Lickety Split’s five genre-traversing tracks, scooping and serving a parlour’s assortment of techno, grime, acid, and adult content. Despite Bootyspoon’s frequent association with camp and the Casanova, Lickety Split’s precision and playfulness solidifies the artist as a competent, bold producer. For another tasty treat, check out this impeccable mix Bootyspoon did for Crack Magazine – it’s one of the best sets I’ve heard this year.

Katerina Stamadianos