The Switching Yard
Cardinal Fuzz/Little Cloud Records
Saskatoon, SK
RIYL: Spacemen 3; TV Freaks; Tonstartssbandht

Saskatoon’s Chris Laramee has been involved in a laundry list of excellent projects, from instrumental doom-rockers Shooting Guns to the organ-drenched dream-pop of the Radiation Flowers and the dubby damage of his solo outlet Wasted Cathedral. With this resume in mind, it’s easy to predict what kinds of hallucinogenic sounds you’ll hear on the latest album from the Switching Yard, yet another long-running band with Laramee counted among its members. Brent drifts from pissed-off punk gnarl (“Cardinal Strut,” “Scorched”) to echo vocal laden shoegaze (“Easy Feeling”) and druggy extendo-jams like “World of Shit” or the nearly 12-minute “Endless Fever.” Slipping in a spoken-word interlude about parasitic bugs and the classic Cheech and Chong “Dave’s Not Here” sketch gives the album a timelessness that could place it in any period since the invention of the bong.

Jesse Locke