Alpen Glow
Amertape 2020
Montreal, QC
RIYL: Anemone; Paula; Short Circutz

Amery Sandford swaps out the beachy slacker-rock of her band BBQT for a sleek electronic sound on the debut release from Alpen Glow. As she explains in an interview with Also Cool, the project initially began as a practical way to keep her mind occupied during COVID lockdown. “I wrote it all when I was deep in quarantine so that I could go somewhere else mentally – on the days when I could actually make music,” she says. “I also cried a lot and watched a lot of reality TV.” 

That melancholy streak permeates the four songs of Amertape 2020, and with the production assistance of David Carriere (TOPS, Paula), Sandford successfully vaporizes it into retro-futuristic synth-pop. She also used her time at home to create a series of computer animated videos for each song on the EP, welcoming listeners into a 3D fantasy world with locations like the hot new dance club, Amerbar. Until we can get together again IRL, this entrancing audio-visual combo lets us bask in a new kind of glow.

– Jesse Locke