Nature Walk
King of Wands
Victoria, BC
RIYL: Magnetic Fields; Camera Obscura, tweed

The four tracks on Nature Walk’s King of Wands span fizzy dream pop and electronic folk as light as a pile of leaves. In her sole appearance on the EP, a singer identified only as Fox on Bandcamp lends her melancholy-tinged voice to “Real One.” Wandering finger-picked acoustic guitar lines weave together like twigs in a bird’s nest on the leisurely “Sun Bath.” The song appeals to the senses, with references to “sweet hummingbird mint,” “flowers breaking through cement,” “drinking from the moon midday,” and breezes that chill you out of your daydreams.

Distant bird calls and children’s shouts inhabit the dewy, lilting, and otherwise instrumental “Sun Shower,” evoking parting clouds after a heavy rainfall. “Tranquility” brings a more internal peace over misty keys. Here, Nature Walk sings of frozen, timeless contentedness with a special someone named Ricky Jane. “I’m never lost, and though I may wander / I pray that distance will make / The heart grow fonder.” 

Don’t roll the dice on distance – queue up King of Wands for your next amble and find serenity with Nature Walk.

Leslie Ken Chu