La Bise
Stagnant Motion
Halifax, NS
RIYL: Perfect Pussy; Priests; making snow angels in a studded jacket

Motion-spinning heart sickness. Your body regaining balance after wavering down Dunbrack Street on the outskirts of Halifax at 4 in the morning. Freezing rain shimmering like broken glass as it ricochets off a car’s windshield. That is the sound of La Bise’s Stagnant Motion. A three-track frozen yearn felt emerging from the harbour and resonating outward—coursing through empty streets. In the way that emotion begins in the heart and is then felt throughout the body. 

The EP stares with the same glazed over gaze you meet in your bathroom mirror in the dead of morning. The honesty of that moment, as you nod off gripping the bathroom sink with enough weight to pull it from the wall, captured by the instrumentation. The guitars blend together in a euphoric noise. Traced by high melodies of melancholia as the drums move with the pull of heavy eyelids. 

Kelsey Crewson’s vocals are the inner monologue so loud that it penetrates your every thought as you fight off sleep like the temporary death it is. She is the voice calling out from the harbour, out from the heart, to the rest of the body to acknowledge love, reeling emotion. Savour its blissful woes before fading into the nightly nether. 

– Alec Martin