Efy Hecks
Bonbonbon Records
Montréal, QC
RIYL: Drugdealer; Harmonium; Plantasia; a good psych drug trip

From the first notes of Efy Hecks’ Somnifère, his newest album, it’s hard to ignore the influence of ’70s psych rock, Americana, and Mort Garson’s Plantasia. Opening with two instrumental tracks that set the tone to this release, Vincent Lemay (a.k.a. Efy Hecks) brings us with him through what seems to be an experimental drug trip turned very creative. 

There aren’t any limits to what Lemay explores with his album. While rooted in the signature psychedelic rock sound that is found in all of Bonbonbon’s artists, he still manages to keep us wanting more of his particular voice, one that feels like a warm musical blanket. This album won’t put you to sleep, as his name suggests. It will make you dream of unexpected and colourful sights that only Efy Hecks can create through his music.

– Yara El-Soueidi