Editor’s Note – Issue 8: Nourishment

By: Tabassum Siddiqui | Art by: Michael Rancic

If you’re familiar with New Feeling (and for newcomers, welcome!), you know that it was started as a way of reimagining the old model of music journalism—one that’s seen in-depth, thoughtful coverage slashed and publications closed. Over the past year, New Feeling’s cooperative model has powered several issues of innovative writing that highlights emerging Canadian artists not served well by the old paradigm.

In two decades of writing about music, I’ve rarely heard any editor or publication make mention of values. They might talk about editorial approach, or copy style, or even journalistic ethics. When New Feeling launched with a commitment to being a supportive platform where writers and creatives worked collaboratively not just to publish great work, but to uphold community-based values, it underscored the collective’s unique space in the Canadian music scene.

In thinking deeply about what sort of music writing they wanted to see and how to make that happen through a cooperative process, the organizing working group and steering committee worked together to develop the framework that guides New Feeling. Part of those early ideas included the establishment of a Public Editor role—someone who could be a resource and contact for readers; a go-between amidst co-op members and the New Feeling readership (though we certainly hope readers will consider becoming members as well, as your voice and input can only help the collective grow!).

With this issue, I’ll be stepping into that role—at least to start; we hope other New Feeling members will also serve as the Public Editor down the road and bring their own ideas and creativity to engaging with readers. The way we see it, having a Public Editor is a vital part of living up to the co-op’s values, particularly when it comes to transparency and accountability.

If you have questions, feedback, or even complaints, you’ll now have a direct contact at New Feeling you can reach out to—I’m keen to get your input into the work we’re doing and how we can make it even better.

As a longtime journalist, I also want to ensure those interested in any aspect of music journalism—whether that’s writing, editing, criticism, pitching or something else—can come to New Feeling for support and resources. And what that looks like—online workshops? Mentoring? Writing feedback?—is entirely up to you.

It’s perhaps fitting that we are taking this step as we launch Issue 8, on the theme of Nourishment—how to feed our bodies, minds, and souls during these last few trying years has certainly been top of mind, and we hope the reviews and stories in this issue remind you of how music can nourish us. Of course connection is yet another way we nurture community—something I’m hoping I can help do for New Feeling as the new Public Editor.

In this issue, writer Karen K. Tran interviews Brock Boonstra, frontman of Guelph punk band Habit, about how his love of music dovetails with his enthusiasm for cooking. “Being able to invite people over and say, ‘Hey, this is something that’s really interesting to me’ is just a good way to communicate with each other,” he says.

New Feeling is all about sharing what we think is interesting to our writers—like Boonstra, we’re inviting you into our (virtual) space, and hope you’ll connect with us in return.

Whether you read about an artist you already know and love, or discover some new sounds through one of our stories—or maybe you’re a music writer or diehard music fan who wants to get involved with like-minded people who love and support creative, diverse art by joining the co-op—I want to hear from you. Email me at nfpubliceditor@gmail.com or tweet at me @tabsiddiqui.

From the start, New Feeling has been about envisioning that something new is possible through working together with shared values. Reach out anytime and let me know how we can best serve you as fellow members of a community that deeply cares about all the incredible music being made across the country.