A black and white image of a broken, shattered record. In the foreground is some shattered, black text outlined in red that reads: "BREAKING POINT"

Breaking Point: EDITOR’S NOTE

Leslie Ken Chu

In the foreground, a photo of Daniel G Wilson is blue and pixelated. They look off camera contemplatively. In the background, a raging silhouette of a live concert event, lit in orange and yellow.

The Ones Left Behind

Daniel G. Wilson

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A purple background with a pattern of white, cyan and magenta circles. In the foreground, photos of FKA Rayne and Eve Parker Finley highlighted in green and pink. Between them a cellphone with the TikTok app open.


Cierra Bettens

A silhouette of the band Fucked Up, photographed in the desert twilight.

 Toronto hardcore legends Fucked Up build on their galvanizing sound One Day at a time

Tabassum Siddiqui

The epic handshake meme where one arm says "musicians," the other arm says "music journos," and their handshake says "solidarity."

Would you congratulate me if I got a job at Spotify?

Michael Rancic

Issue 12 – Breaking Point
February 2023

New Feeling working groups for this issue:
Editorial: Daniel G Wilson, Tabassum Siddiqui (public editor), Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu (features editor), Tom Beedham
Community: Daniel G Wilson, Michael Rancic, Max Mertens, Rosie Long Decter (lead)
Care: Tabassum Siddiqui (Public Editor), Sarah Chodos, Tom Beedham (lead)
Organization: Melissa Vincent, Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu, Tom Beedham
Budget: Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu
Web: Laura Stanley (lead), Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu