Four Chladni drawings, seen as circles with various line pattens depicted within, align equally distant from one another on the top half of this image. The bottom half features the word HABIT written in a black serif font.


Tabassum Siddiqui

Photos of archivists Ben Lines and Arif Ansari taken in front of their various and extensive music collections.

Connective Tissue

Reina Cowan

A black and white photograph of Black Lives Matter protests taken from a bird's eye view, with a red anatomical drawing of a human heart superimposed over top.

 Protest Chants as a Collective Musical Habit

Spencer Bridgman

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A photo of Jess Forrest in her studio, seated, one arm up on a desk that has an open notebook on it. The photo has been cut in three blob shapes that are superimposed over loose sheets of lined paper.

aural adventures with Castle If

Laura Stanley

A poured acrylic painting in black, blue, and red, with the words Not A Straight Line superimposed over top.

Not a straight line

As-told-to Michael Rancic

Issue 13 – Habit
May 2023

New Feeling working groups for this issue:
Editorial: Daniel G Wilson, Tabassum Siddiqui (public editor), Michael Rancic (features editor), Leslie Ken Chu, Tom Beedham
Community: Daniel G Wilson, Michael Rancic, Max Mertens, Rosie Long Decter (lead)
Care: Tabassum Siddiqui (Public Editor), Sarah Chodos, Tom Beedham (lead)
Organization: Melissa Vincent, Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu, Tom Beedham
Budget: Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu
Web: Laura Stanley (lead), Michael Rancic, Leslie Ken Chu