Meet the New Feeling Co-op

Tom Beedham (he/him) is a Toronto-based freelance journalist and an organizer of the inter-arts series Long Winter. His byline has appeared in Exclaim!, NOW, Musicworks, A.Side, Chart Attack, and VICE, among others. He is a juror on the annual Uproxx Music Critics Poll, and edited Somewhere Else, a 2019 documentary about a pocket of Toronto’s DIY music community told through the lens of Deliluh. He has been cutting his own hair since high school so who’s laughing now? Follow him on Twitter at @Tom_Beedham.

Leslie Ken Chu (he/him) is a Vancouver-based writer from Antigonish. Before the pandemic, he worked in live event marketing and publicity and wrote mainly for Exclaim! and Northern Transmissions. Now, he writes for New Feeling, too. He tweets about music and nonsense at @LeslieKenChu.

Chaka V. Grier is a journalist, interviewer, and essayist whose work aims to explore the intersectionality of womanhood, race, and culture in entertainment, primarily music, film, and fashion. Her work has appeared in O, the Oprah Magazine, National Public Radio (NPR), and Elle, among other publications. Follow her on twitter at @chakavgrier.

Paul K. Lawton (he/him) is all over the map in the worst way possible. A former sociology professor and ethnographic researcher, Paul was behind some Canadian record labels (Mammoth Cave Recording Co and Pleasence Records), and played in a few too many bands (Ketamines, Century Palm, Myelin Sheaths, for example). His music blog “Slagging Off” made people mad, causing CBC to label him “the most hated man in Canadian music.” Paul was a contributor to Weird Canada, organizing the WYRD FEST traveling music festival, as well as a monthly punk 7” review column in Beatroute Magazine that he was convinced no one actually read. Follow his wildly unpopular tweets @quartermass.

Jesse Locke (he/him) is a writer, podcaster, and musician based in Toronto. He currently contributes to outlets including Bandcamp Daily, The Ringer, Xtra, Musicworks, Tone Glow, and Aquarium Drunkard. Jesse hosts the meditative experimental music podcast Tracing Spaces and is the author of the biography Heavy Metalloid Music: The Story of Simply Saucer. He plays drums with the bands Tough Age, Motorists, Chandra, and Simply Saucer. Follow him on Twitter! @wipeoutbeat

Luke Ottenhof (he/him) is a freelance writer and musician based in Toronto (and sometimes Kingston). He’s written for The Guardian, Pitchfork, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, MEL, and others. He bullies his city councillor on Twitter: @lukeottenhof

Michael Rancic (he/him) is a freelance journalist and juror for the Polaris Prize, who has been writing about Canadian music for the past ten years. His byline has been featured in The Walrus, NOW Magazine, MusicWorks, Spacing and University Affairs, among others. His work primarily focuses on emerging artists and the way public policy influences music scenes. He retweets Twin Peaks memes on Twitter at @therewasnosound.

Katerina Stamadianos (she/her) is a civil servant, community volunteer and (looking to be less) occasional writer from Toronto. She is primarily interested in exploring the ways government can better advocate for local and Canadian art. Hiccups frequently, bad at twitter: @ktrnstm.

Laura Stanley (she/her) is a freelance writer from Toronto. Her work has appeared in Exclaim!, NOW Magazine, No Depression, She Shreds, Musicworks and more. She has a lot of Feelings. Sometimes she tweets about them: @lstanley24.

Melissa Vincent (she/her) is a writer, editor, curator, and community organizer based out of Toronto. Her work has appeared in Pitchfork, Billboard, The Fader, Elle, The West End Phoenix, and The Globe and Mail. She has appeared as a guest on CBC Metro Morning and Day 6. In 2019 she was selected to become the Polaris Prize jury foreperson and join their board of directors. She also books metal shows, sometimes.

Daniel G. Wilson (he/they) is a writer, musician, and concert organizer based in Mississauga, Ontario. He has written for Noisey and BeatRoute in addition to his own independent work. In his free time he moonlights as the front person of the noise-rock band Joncro and the organizer of the BIPOC-focused Festival Lingua Franca event series.