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Pitch Us!

Pitches are currently closed. If you’re interested in writing for us in the future, add your name to this list and we’ll be in touch!

Below are some quick tips on pitching for New Feeling.


  • Features, 1,000-2,000 words
  • Reviews, 150 words
    • About a Canadian album released within the past year; or, about a Canadian album of a certain vintage that you think is due for a critical reappraisal. We are especially interested in critical takes that highlight albums that are overlooked. 
  • Scene report, 1,000-2,000 words

Other tips: 

  • Do your research! Before sending in your idea, make sure it is the kind of story we would publish. Read through our previous issues and content to get a good sense of what we’re after. 
  • Show us you’ve also researched the topic and idea you’re planning on writing about. If you’re proposing a record review, show us your close knowledge of the artist and the context of their work. If you’re planning to write a feature, what experts will you reach out to for comment? 
  • Please do not send us final drafts of your work as a pitch. 
  • Please do not pitch us ideas that you’ve yet to hear back about from other outlets.