Vivek Shraya
Baby, You’re Projecting
Mint Records
Edmonton, AB
RIYL: Sophie, Kim Petras, keeping your peace

Vivek Shraya is tired of dishonest people. Her latest genre-defying album Baby, You’re Projecting finds the Edmonton-based artist cutting through tales of  heartbreak, two-faced lovers, and “hate clubs” across a glittering musical landscape. Walking a tightrope between dance-pop and angst, Shraya methodically balances the two acts with epic synths and cascading melodies that intertwine with the intimacy of a lover’s quarrel.

It’s a little ironic that this record opens with a song called “Quitter,” when with her previous project, the theatrical work titled How to Fail as a Popstar, Shraya declared her popstar career kaputt. “Quitter,” builds on that idea: quickly pulling into focus the notion of how being abandoned by a romantic partner creates a tension in one’s own identity. Post-break-up clarity has taught her many things, but among most fruitful of all— she knows what she deserves:

I want my tears back

I want my peace back

I want my ideas back

I want my I want my

I want my cash back

I want my half back

I want my best friend back

I want mine I want mine I want mine back

Kayla Higgins